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Management Systems Applications

EHSdesk’s Management Systems Applications manage and maintain many of the varied requirements of federal and local regulations, and meet management systems requirements such as ISO 14001, BSIOHSAS 18001, and OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program (VPP).


*NEW* Virus Tracker

Virus Tracker (VIRUS) enables management of Virus Data:

Quarantine and Other types of Incidents, Vaccines/Tests taken, and reports of COVID Hazards. Virus Tracker is integrated with Corrective Action Request to detail out any corrective measures or follow up actions. Virus Tracker integrates with the Risk Assessment module to detail COVID Hazards and the Audit/Inspection module to document COVID Hazard Inspections.


EHS Management of Change

EHS Management of Change (EMOC) provides a way to ensure that Facility Modifications, Chemical changes, Equipment moves or Procurement, and Process Modifications are reviewed for EHS and facilities impacts.


Audit & Inspection Management

Audit & Inspection Management (AIM) establishes a standardized format for all audits/inspections for internal (optionally with checklist), external, and supplier audits. Findings are tracked as CARs.


Corrective Action Request

Corrective Action Request (CAR) offers a systematic process for tracking the tasks necessary to Perform corrective action investigations, identify root causes, and implement corrective action plans in a timely manner.





Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment (RA) provides a mechanism for identifying, prioritizing, and Controlling Risks to worker safety and the environment. RA identifies process hazards, steps, risks, and control measures. Optional IH Qualitative assessment is available.

ACT better.PNG

Action Tracker

Action Tracker (ACT) Maintains the various Action Items involved with managing EHS or Quality requirements for an organization.






Incident Tracker

Incident Tracker (ITA) Tracks and Maintains medical (injuries, illnesses), other (near hits, unsafe acts), and environmental (spills, releases) incidents.

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