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Safety Applications

EHSdesk’s Safety Applications can help any organization take steps to find and fix recognized hazards to prevent injuries and illnesses in the workplace.


Lock Out/Tag Out

Lock Out/Tag Out (LOTO) provides a mechanism to document the process to systematically control Hazardous Energy sources for a piece of equipment (Energy Control Procedure : ECP).



Ergonomics (ERGO) provides a common location where Shop and Office ergonomic practices and information can be assessed, managed, shared, and incorporated directly into Business Processes and Culture.

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Powered Industrial Vehicle (PIV)

Powered Industrial Vehicles (PIV) documents PIV inventory and PIV driving permits for authorized personnel.


Confined Space

Confined Space (CS) provides a way to determine if an area within a facility is a confined space as a result of limited access, special inspection, cleaning or Permitting requirements.

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Operator PM

Operator Preventive Maintenance (Op PM) Documents machine-specific Preventive Maintenance (PM) inventory/instructions with pictures.


Machine Guard

Machine Guard (MG) documents equipment-specific machine guard Assessment and Inventory information.


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PPE Assessment

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) provides a method to Document PPE needed when operating the equipment along with a printed PPE posting report (aka “PPE Dude”).

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