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5 Step 
Onboarding Process

These services are provided during your Onboarding experience to provide your company with a User-friendly Quick Startup, to have your organization swiftly complying with EHS best practices.

Additional services are provided depending on the level of service purchased.


Setup URL / Branding / Locations / Organizations

We ensure a Quick Startup within days to setup a custom URL, conform to company branding, and establish location/organization hierarchy.  We also utilize a Quick Remote deployment via online role-based guides, so you don't have to spend time and money training every user.

Import Employee Roster

With our Quick Start approach, we have automated systems to quickly import and manage people using a variety of Templates for your unique company profile.

Import Equipment & Confined Space Lists

Along with importing an employee roster, we also use the Quick Start Data Templates to handle your unique setup and import all the necessary Assets such as Machines, Equipment, Vehicles, and Confined Spaces into your company profile.

Customized  Menu/Checklist Contents

We auto populate menu drop-downs and checklists with the "Best Management Practice" content to jump start your company's success. From here, you are still able to customize and cater your interface to a more fined tuned state.

Administrator and Web Training

Administrator training is included within Onboarding plus an additional 2 Web Training sessions are provided for each module purchased.






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