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A Comprehensive,
Integrated Approach

Many organizations spend so much time collecting data that they have little time left to use this information to improve their business performance. An integrated, sustainable, and cost-effective EHS information management strategy enables an organization to progress in an accelerated fashion towards the goal of world-class excellence in EHS performance.

Easy Access from any Internet Browser

No cumbersome setup or installation is required to use EHSdesk. It is hosted in the "Cloud", so access is by the URL assigned to your company and your logon userid and password. Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox all work well with the software. Tablet and Phone access utilize the same URL.

Role-based Security Permissions

EHSdesk takes the role of the user into account by providing quick and easy "Compact" forms for infrequent users or people with limited roles along with more detail-oriented "Full" pages. Find pages for "My" data allow for a streamlined search experience.


Traditional software permissions controlling display only, update, and administrator levels exist controlled by the scope of the user (assigned locations and organizations). Other access methods are provided based on the user's relationship to the data (e.g., Supervisor of an injured person).


Integrated Applications

Have you ever tried to keep the key data that links multiple spreadsheets in sync? That is not a problem with EHSdesk where care has been given to ensure key master data that supports all of the modules is maintained in one central location.

Location and Organization structures are not set in stone with easy hierarchy tree manipulation that will retain data integrity.

The modules have tight integration such that one source of data never needs to be repeated while allowing flexibility to implement modules individually. For example, Corrective Actions are embedded within the Audit module but can be optional.

Multi-lingual Capable

For those Enterprise organizations with talent around the world, the Safety and Management Systems modules are offered in English, Canadian French, Polish, Simplified Chinese, and Hebrew.

Users can select their preferred language with the option to switch within the application. Administrators can easily maintain translations for any content in a drop down or checklist.

Some User guidance documents linked in the HELP pages are also translated.

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